Henry Yorke Mann Architect

Henry Yorke Mann is the son of a master builder, grandson of a master builder and a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Architecture.

Architectural Design Philosophy, Approach and Process Is always unique and a varying mix of:

A. Architecture of the spirit or soul, combining with reverence for the needs, both practical and spiritual of the owner and or user and together with reverence for the site.

B. Architecture is structure and the act of building, and as such structure and building components are allowed expression in the architecture as both craft and art.

C. Integral natural materials, as opposed to synthetic, or plastic materials, are utilized for their timeless qualities, inherent safety and predictability, and their non-toxicity to humans. This is an inherent part of this architects sustainable architectural approach.

Henry Yorke Mann Architect is a member in good standing with the Architectural Institute of B.C., and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

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To purchase Architecture - Part of the God Dance. A limited edition hard cover book by Hernry Yorke Mann, go to Publications to order Directly from the architect.($58.00 Canadian (Plus Shipping), signed and numbered by the Architect, contact Henry Mann directly.


Featured project

Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Clark and their three boys.

Constructed in 1969 by Senac & Mann of 4" solid fir planks splined to each other - treated on the exterior with a preservative and the interior was treated with a sealer/wax.

The site is a steep slope, heavily treed, and clay type soil. Significant effort was taken to ensure stability of structure and preservation of the natural beauty of the site and the creek which runs through the property.

One enters the residence by an external stair tucked under the kitchen bridge and up to the centre of the upper floor. From this centre of the major and minor interior staircases, im...